Breast Reduction Surgery: Surgery Day

After hoping and waiting for this day to come, I finally had my breast reduction on Monday morning. Am I sore and uncomfortable? Yes. But I already feel and see a difference!

When I was doing research on the surgery before I had mine, I could never seem to find all of the information in one article. So I thought I would write about my surgery experience step by step.

I had to be at the hospital by 8:30am, and was taken in to be changed in to a gown and robe, a nurse asked me some pre-surgery questions, and I was given an anti-inflammatory and Tylenol. Then I was brought back to the Surgical Daycare room to wait with my mom and boyfriend before being called for my surgery.

When my name was called, they walked me back to the prep area, where my surgeon came in to do her markings and a few nurses came to ask me some more questions. About 20 minutes later I was walked into the operating room, was laid down on the table and had my IV put in. They also put these fancy plastic pads around my legs (knee to ankle) that massaged them and kept the circulation going. My nurse put the oxygen mask over my face, and a couple minutes later I was out.

After what felt like 5 minutes, I started hearing voices and managed to open my eyes. I was in post-operative care. It was nothing but a blurry mess, with nurses helping my into a sports bra that I was told to bring. Quick tip: Bring a sports bra that either clips of zips up, as you cannot lift your arms very high. I passed out pretty soon after that, still too drugged up to think. I woke up again after about an hour and was able to open my eyes clearly. Nurses will ask you multiple times if you’re in any pain or if you feel nauseous, make sure to let them know exactly how you’re feeling. In my experience, I was nauseous for a few hours after surgery (and yes I did throw up).

I was told that I looked extremely pale (even after they gave me apple juice and multiple hits of gravol), so the nurse advised me to sleep for a while longer. As it turns out I actually ended up sleeping about an hour and a half longer than I was supposed to, but eventually I managed to sit up and change back into my normal clothes. They put me in a wheeled chair and brought me back out to my mom and boyfriend, waiting patiently in Surgical Daycare. After that it was just a lot of sleeping until we finally got home.

I’m five days post-op and the pain is not bad at all, I’m actually off all of the pain medication. There are quite a few things that I can’t do on my own, like lock the sliding glass door on the deck, or lift a jug of milk, etc. But the difference in pain each day is noticeable for sure. Please make sure to take it easy! I know it feels like you can do everything, but sometimes you just have to accept that your job is to sit on the couch and watch Netflix for a couple of days. But getting up and walking around, even just a few laps around the house, is extremely important to prevent blood clots and speed up the recovery process!

I’ll be posting more about my post-surgery experiences very soon, stay tuned.


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