8 Things to Do Before Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a very large decision, and there are a few things to take care of before going under the knife. After years of being in pain and struggling with body-image issues, my surgery is officially one month away!

So in celebration, here are 10 things to take care of before your breast reduction surgery.

1.  Arrange for your partner or a family member/friend to take you to and from the hospital. You won’t be able to drive yourself, it will not be safe in your groggy state. Like most surgeries, you won’t be allowed to drive for about 48 hours.


2.  Do a big grocery shop a day or two before your surgery. Housework, grocery shopping and cooking will be very limited for the first few days. Pre-cook easy foods, or buy foods that need very little preparation. Put everything you need in an easy to reach place, that means no high shelves or low cabinets!


3.  Make sure to eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals and protein. This will help the healing process.


4.  Your doctor will give you a prescription for all of your medications before your surgery. Make sure to pick those up at the pharmacy before hand, along with extra bandages, anti-bacterial soap, scar-reducing cream and/or oil.


5.  Put some snacks, books, and medications in your bedside table. You’ll need plenty of rest for the first few days after surgery, keep ready to use items close by.


6.  Depending on how many medications you’ll be taking post-surgery, it might be a good idea to make a list of all of them, along with when to take them and how many to take.


7.  Wear something comfy to the hospital on the day of. Joggers or baggy sweatpants are your best friends.


8.  Go out and buy an inexpensive sports bra that has a zipper or clasps on the front or back. The nurses will help you put it on once you’re able to sit up after surgery. The front or back opening bra is to avoid putting your arms above your head, as you could hurt yourself.

I’ll be writing a few more posts after the surgery about what the healing process is like. To see all the posts regarding my breast reduction journey, just type in “breast reduction” into the search bar at the top of the page. Any posts about the surgery will pop up for you to look through!

And as always, share your stories! Did I leave out some useful tips? Let me know ladies!


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