Breast Reduction: Mental Preparation

If you have large breasts that are disproportionate to your body and are causing back, neck or other physical issues, you might want to consider getting a breast reduction. Having breasts that are too large for your body, or for what you’re comfortable with, can be extremely hard on your body and your mind.

I’ve wanted a breast reduction for three or four years now, basically since I starting becoming uncomfortable with the size of my breasts. At first I kept it a secret, hoping my boobs would shrink with weight loss. Well as it turns out, I lost the weight and kept the boobs! And as a result it only made my boobs look bigger against my tiny frame. So the years went on, and my boobs didn’t do anything but grow. My confidence was pretty low because of it, and I always seemed to feel like they’re the first thing people see.

So back in November I went to my doctor and told her that I was thinking about getting a breast reduction. She asked me a series of questions about my breast size, types of pain, related injuries, etc. Once she gathered all my info, she sent off a referral to a plastic surgeon that specializes in breast reduction and augmentation. After that, all I could do was wait for a phone call. The waiting time to hear back from a referral varies; I ended up waiting around 5 months. Fast-forward and I’m sitting on bed in an examination room, wearing a paper gown and being measured and questioned by my surgeon.

I was very hopeful about getting my surgery covered by insurance, since the average prices for breast reduction in Canada range from $6000-$8000. The government takes into account things including pain, rashes on your back or under breasts, shoulder grooves, numbness, shortness of breath, etc. Lucky for me, my surgeon said that I meet the exact criteria for a reduction that the government wants to cover.

I have my final appointment in three days, after which I’m planning on writing another post on preparing for breast reduction surgery, followed by a series of posts about my recovery.

If you are suffering, please do something about it. I’ve had big breasts for a long time, and the only reason I didn’t do anything sooner is because of the opinions of other people. Don’t let anybody tell you what is right for you. You are beautiful and amazing, but that doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable!


7 thoughts on “Breast Reduction: Mental Preparation

  1. I went under the knife February 21, 2017 and have zero regrets. I’ve always had large breasts but would always wear tops that would cover and not enhance them. I have lived daily with headaches, sore neck, shoulders & back and have gone to see specialists about these headaches, tried multiple different medication but to no avail as nothing worked to get rid of them. While I was at physio after rotator cuff surgery my therapist asked me if I’d ever thought of getting a reduction? As the grooves in my shoulders weren’t normal. I told him that I’d always had them and I thought it was normal. He assured me they weren’t. So I made an appt with my family doctor who referred me to the plastic surgeon who assured me that a reduction would indeed be covered by medical.
    I’ve had one of my daughters say to me that she feels bad for me as I always have to buy a L shirt as the shirts have to fit my chest but they are big everywhere else. Well today I wear a S/M consistently now, something I’ve never been able to wear, I’m so thankful to be getting rid of the L shirts that don’t fit my chest anymore now.
    This is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Since surgery I haven’t had a headache yet, 4 months with no headxhe due to the weight on my neck, shoulders & backside unheard of for me!
    Recovery was tough and very painful, but I persevered and here I am back at the gym and living a normal life again, headache free!
    I went and bought my first Victoria Secret pretty bra (and for an affordable price compared to the $180 bras I was buying prior to surgery), as well as a nice sports bra from Lulu Lemon with the fun straps that cross over my back (something I could
    never fit into before).
    My reduction was a life changer for me. I can see my stomach & feet now without having to move my chest out of the way…again something that is odd for me

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