10 Reasons to Become a Nail Tech

1. Becoming a friend

I hear so many stories, good and bad, about my client’s lives. I love making people happy, and what better way to put a smile on someone’s face than with sparkles? It’s so rewarding to help someone relax after a long day, prepare for an event, or even to help decrease their nail biting problem. I’m not just a Nail Tech, I’m a friend.

2. Creativity

Playing with pretty colors, glitter, and outrageous shapes are some of my favorite things. I create something out of nothing. Taking a short, broken nail and turning it in to a work of art. No client is the same, every set of nails is a new project for me. I love seeing what funky design I’m going to do next!

3. The way to a client’s heart

When a woman’s nails are looking well manicured and beautiful, they can do anything. It sounds silly, but it is 100% true. Clients come to see me, embarrassed at the state of their nails. They leave feeling empowered.

Like Tammy Taylor said:

โ€œThe happiest girls always have the prettiest nails.โ€

4. Quick Career

Schooling to become a Nail Tech is usually 6-8 months. After that it’s practice, practice, practice! Once you build up your skill and clientele, there is nothing stopping you. You won’t have to work five (or more) days a week anymore to make ends meet. You have the ability to create your own hours. Let your skill and drive speak for itself! I am 20 years old and I am living my career dream, but it doesn’t stop here!

5. It beats a desk job

Technically, I do work at a desk. But creating a work of art beats doing paperwork any day! Instead of meeting a daily sales quota for someone else, I’m making people happy. 

6. Healing

Being able to help people has always been something I’m passionate about. Mental and physical healing is a necessity. Being able to see the difference in the way someone walks after a pedicure is awesome! Adding a little spring in a woman’s step because her inner Beyonce is reflected in a new set of nails? Yes please!

7. What are student loans?

Cosmetology school is not the cheapest thing. Even just doing one small program vs. the whole thing can be expensive. But trust me, you can make all that money back in no time, with extra cash to spare! Having the correct equipment goes a long way, as well as keeping an open mind. It takes time, but it’s an extremely rewarding career.

8. Because I can keep pushing myself

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a job that you can’t progress in. We need to be constantly pushing ourselves to bigger things. Already being a certified Nail Technician, it’s easier for me to go back to school and gain more skills without having to put my work on the back burner. On top of that, I manage my own business and a blog. The reward of pushing myself to bigger things is worth more than any pay cheque. 

9. It doesn’t matter what you look like

Unfortunately, sometimes the book get judged by it’s cover. It’s the sad truth. I’m covered in tattoos and have a nose ring, but do you think that stops me? Being a Nail Tech is permission to express yourself in your hair, nails, outfits, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it feels good to look good. I’m very proud of how I come across to people; respectable with a creative edge. My tattoos are a part of me, so I let them shine. Why cover up a part of who you are?

10. Sparkles and makeovers

It’s such an amazing feeling to have a client leave me with a big smile on her face. I just transformed a dull day into something to talk about, and that’s why I love my job. A little color here, a little glitter there, finish off with a top coat and you’re good to go.


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